Google Analytics Training Courses

Does your company have Google Analytics installed on your website but no-one knows how to use the data?

Would you like to benefit from the insight derived from Google Analytics in order to improve your website, drive more traffic, and increase business?

Would you rather take the analysis in-house because you cannot afford to hire an SEO specialist?

If so, sign up to one of my courses. I will come to your offices and train up your staff, even if it is just one person.


Whether you’re an absolute newcomer to Google Analytics, or have had some experience with Google Analytics, I have a course for you.


DURATION Half-day (e.g. morning): 2 x 1.5 hour sessions with 20 minute break in-between.e.g. 9:00 – 10:30, 10:50 – 12:20 Half-day (e.g. afternoon): 2 x 1-hour sessions with 20 minute break in-between.e.g. 13:30 – 14:30, 14:50 – 15:50 Non-Ecommerce site: 1.5 hoursEcommerce site: 2 hours
COST R3 500 for up to 6 people R2 500 for up to 6 people Non-Ecommerce site: R1 300
  If doing both Introduction and Intermediate courses on the same day:
R5 000 for up to 6 people
Ecommerce site: R1 800
WHO SHOULD ATTEND Marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development. Anyone concerned with digital strategy. Marketing, content, analysis, sales and web development Front-end / back-end web developers
WHAT IS COVERED  What is web analytics?

How can Google Analytics help your business?

Explanation of Analytics terms, such as dimension, metrics, visits, visitors, bounce rate, etc

Walkthrough of all Google Analytics sections: Audience, Traffic Sources, Content, Conversions, Advertising

Explanation of different table views

Search filters

Exporting / downloading reports

Scheduling emails

Goals: what they are and setting them up

Custom dashboards and custom reports

‘Real-time’ reporting

Simple Regular Expressions


Advanced Segments

Setting up Intelligence Events (custom alerts)

Campaign tracking e.g. newsletter tagging

How to create campaign tracking URLs

Creating a Google Analytics account.

Setting up properties and profiles.

Creating users.

Implementing tracking code for websites, mobile devices and Facebook tabs.

Ecommerce tracking if applicable

How to check that Google Analytics tracking is working (_utm.gif)

Configuring on-site search.